A Life of Prayer

Do you remember God first reaching out to you?

Mitch Teemley


I just found out that yesterday was my country’s National Day of Prayer. The occasion, once widely covered by the media, is now a side story at best. But no matter. For believers, every day is a day of prayer.

I often say,“I am a writer” because that is something I do with great passion. I’m less inclined to say, “I am a weed plucker” or “I am a shower taker” because, even though those are things I do, they are not what I’m about.

But even more than writing, even more than being a husband or a father, I am about following Jesus. God is not one of the things in my life, he the thing. More accurately, he is the focus of my life. Everything I do—writing, filmmaking, husbanding, fathering—is about knowing him.

Hey, he started it.

Forty-two years ago, sensing that God might just exist and…

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