FAQ – Spiritual Direction

Frequently Asked Questions

… About spiritual direction


WIMG_8523 (800x533)hy would I visit a spiritual director?

“Our heart is restless until it rests in you…,” says St. Augustine of Hippo.  As we seek to find meaning in our lives, grow closer to God, and seek a deeper sense of our relationship to God’s world it can help to have a companion on the journey.  Spiritual directors can help you identify where God is in your life or help you integrate a spiritual component into your daily life.  Some people come to strengthen their prayer lives.  Some come because they do not have a prayer life, or are struggling with faith or an important question.  Some come for help in making difficult decisions or during life transitions.  Others come to find out what new things the Lord might be calling them to.  There may be as many reasons for doing spiritual direction as there are spiritual direction relationships.   If you are even curious about how spiritual direction might help you, consider contacting us for a free consultation.


Why would I not just go to my pastoIMG_6553r?

Many pastors can do spiritual direction, and there is no reason not to go to your pastor if you have a good relationship and he or she feels comfortable helping with your spiritual development. However, some people do not have a pastor, or their pastors do not feel qualified to do spiritual direction. Sometimes a church member feels a need to see someone outside his or her faith community. Other times a person just wants to develop a more long-term relationship with a spiritual director who can meet one or more times per month over many months or years.


What is the difference between spiritual direction & counseling?

Although both are rooted in faith and seeking God, there is a clear distinction between spiritual direction and pastoral counseling.  Spiritual direction is based on a search for growing in a relationship with God, with others, and even with oneself.  You may do spiritual direction whether or not you have a specific problem or issue.  Counseling is tied to a problem that needs to be resolved or something in your life that needs to be fixed.  It is quite possible to see both a counselor and a spiritual director at the same time, with different goals and practices.  Or your spiritual director may recommend that you also see a professional counselor to deal with a particular problem or issue.  Though spiritual direction may touch on issues of mental health and how that affects a person’s spiritual life, it is not mental health counseling.


How much does spiritual direction with Openings cost?

The standard rate is $50/one hour meeting.  The first meeting is free, as we discern whether the relationship is right to move forward.