Spiritual Direction

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Spiritual Direction for Individuals or Groups

IMG_2783Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice, allowing one person to walk alongside another’s spiritual journey, offering guidance, insight, a listening heart and a questioning mind.  Where is God in this experience?  How did it feel when you…?  What Scripture passage does this remind you of?  How might you pray about that?  How can you carry that experience back into your regular life?

Spiritual directors are sometimes referred to as spiritual friends and many saints of our churches in years past engaged in these life-giving relationships.  Often practiced in the Roman Catholic church, the idea of spiritual direction seemed lost in the Reformation, but has been recently reclaimed as Christians in our busy world seek space to explore how God is working in their lives.

Rev. Mary Beene seeks to recapture this tradition for folks in coastal Georgia and wherever hearts are reaching out for the Holy Spirit.  As a member of Spiritual Directors International*, she offers this word of wisdom:

“Spiritual Directors International offers the image of three chairs as a visual reminder of who is present during spiritual direction. In one chair a seeker sits, desiring a deeper relationship with God, a Higher Power, or Ultimate Reality. In a second chair, a spiritual director listens, inquires, and holds the space for the seeker to encounter the true Spiritual Director in the third chair.”

To find out more about engaging Rev. Beene as your spiritual director or as a director for your small group, contact us for a free consultation.

* http://www.sdiworld.org/