BIMG_4206 crop (525x800)usy days, constant worries, uncertain futures — all these things and more can keep us from fully embracing God’s purpose for our lives. The Spirit never gives up searching for a way into our hearts, but sometimes we need a guide for the journey.



Find the Openings in Your Life Where the Spirit Can Come In

“The Lord opened her heart….”    Acts 16:14

OIMG_8001 (533x800)penings takes its inspiration from the story of Lydia in the New Testament book of Acts in the Christian Bible.  In that passage, the Lord opened Lydia’s heart so she could understand the Apostle Paul’s teachings about Jesus. Whether we are Christian, people of another faith tradition, or no religion at all, it is so easy to feel out of touch with our spiritual selves.  With our cell phones, iPads, and our 24-hour news cycles, there is virtually no where to go for a moment of peace and quiet.

We founded Openings to provide a holy place of respite in the tumult of life. So let us help you find an opening for the Spirit to come in.

A word about location

OIMG_7439penings is located in Savannah, GA, but the internet and great travel options make it possible for this work to happen anywhere.  Contact us if you are interested in spiritual direction online or workshops or retreats around the country.