Rosie New Car Dreams

Last Saturday I was driving home from a conference and my 10 year old Prius’ dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. I didn’t know there were so many red lights and symbols possible.

My husband and I had been talking about when we’d be thinking about a new car and this seemed like the right time. So Tuesday we brought home Rosie, the newest addition to our family, named by our 11-year old son, whose only concern was what would it be like to have two red cars in the driveway.

We needed a name for the new car, since we clearly couldn’t call it “The Red Car” like the also 10 year old Rav 4. He is now duly satisfied. I am loving my new ride with bells and whistles I didn’t even know were available.

And so, in honor of Rosie, I present to you the top ten ways our spiritual journeys are like bringing home a new car:

  1. You trade in something old that you don’t need to have space in the driveway for something new.
  2. It is very exciting – a mountain top experience. And then you have to come down and get to work.
  3. It is easy to get fascinated by all the new bells and whistles and forget what your real goal is: being on the journey.
  4. It is more fun when you have friends to share it with.
  5. Sometimes the price seems really high, but deep down you know it is worth it.
  6. There is always the question: could I have gotten a better deal? Maybe, but you know you still received way more than you paid for.
  7. All your friends want to take a ride with you; some are even jealous. But you know all the work it took to get this far.
  8. You feel like you have to be very careful, because you don’t want to ding it or get it dirty; so you hold it tenderly and pray a lot.
  9. It is like Thanksgiving! You realize you have a lot to be thankful for.
  10. At first you’re excited by the big things that are new, but as the days go by you keep discovering all the little things that make it special too.

What would you add to this list? What’s your favorite “new” thing that you have received or purchased recently? Was it hard to give up old things to make space? Who are the people you like to share your spiritual journey with?

I can’t help you buy a new Prius, but I can help you on your spiritual journey. Contact me at Openings: Let the Spirit In.

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